Monday, December 19, 2011

Great Weather in Arizona

Wow, we had 2.5" of rain over the last 2 weeks, that is very unusual but very needed in this dry desert.  The mountains have snow and not just a little bit but quite a bit, at White Mountains Sunrise Ski Park they have received over 53" of snow and more on the way. SO, what does this have to do with spending time outside? I'll tell ya, right now the Phoenix area is having a best weather, highs in the mid 60s with lows in the low 40s. great weather to be outside in the day time.

It is time to start looking at getting your garden ready for the spring planting, that is only 2 months away. Here in the Phoenix area the average last day of frost in between Feb 10th to the 20th. Typically you could plant your tomatoes on Feb 15th and they will be fine. Last year we had a killing freeze 3 days in a row starting on Feb 20th, that was a fluke, but you have to be ready for it.

So, start planning, and if you don't have a garden, check out our raised garden beds, they are great, can go anywhere even on top of concrete. There is not an excuse that you can make not to have at least a 4'x4' garden outside your kitchen window with fresh herbs to make your cooking experience grow.

We have all kinds of garden sizes and even the garden frost protection blankets that you can use to protect your vegetables from freezing, I know, my father used his to protect his tomatoes about 2 weeks ago and had ice on top of the cages, they were wrapped in the frost blankets and his plants did not know it froze. 

So, check them out, give us a call and we can set them up in your yard for a minor setup fee.  We do all the work, bring in the soil and will give you some pointers on getting the plants planted and watered.

Thanks for reading and get outside and get your hands in the dirt, you will like it and your plants will too.

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