Saturday, December 3, 2011

Arizona Weather

It has been a few weeks since my last post, been busy with work and work and work.

The weather here in the Phoenix area is just fantastic, highs are in the upper 50's to mid 60's and lows are getting close to freezing.  Now with that, those with gardens need to protect the frost sensitive plants, I just covered my tomato and tomatillo plants with a 6-10 degree frost blanket. You can leave these frost blankets on for some time if your weather is cold for a number of days, but if it gets hot, like it will here in Arizona, you will need to take off the blanket or you could cook your plants.

I know that the rest of the country is almost covered in snow but for those that have a milder climate these frost blankets can keep your plants living for a possible early harvest of vegetables in the spring. If you have room and are looking to planting a garden, check out our raised gardens, they make it easy to plant a garden in a small space, does not require digging, heavy machinery, or dynamite to get the ground ready. Our system just clips together, no tools required, and can be setup in minutes.  Add the correct amount of soil and plant your plants, that is all, well, maybe you should water them at least once a week.  Well, check out the Gardening section and we will have the prices placed on the Ordering section soon.

Thanks for reading, and remember, Gardening is relaxing with nature!

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