Thursday, December 29, 2011

Garden planning time!!!

Well, the end of the year is near, the winter wonderland is in full force in parts of the country and the mail box is full of gardening catalogs.  I guess that would make it Garden Planning Time, time to start thinking about what you are planning to plant.

Some people will start thinking about planting their first garden, well, there is tons of cool sites out there that give great advice to what, when, where and how to plant.  Right now we are starting our Tomato seeds, (see post below), and prepping the ground for a plant date of Feb 15, that is if the weather holds, see, this year we had a hard freeze on  Feb 3rd and 4th, it got to 20 degrees.  So, we have to be careful in planting too early.

So, what are you planning for this year? If you live where the soil is rich and full of goodness, that is great, but if you live where the soil is bad, like at my house, then you have to find an alternative for growing a garden.  I have setup raised garden kits in my yard and filled them with great compost and this should give me the start that I need.

Wow, I just looked out my window and I see a covey of Valley Quail in my yard, at least they are eating the weed seeds that are ever present in my area.

Well, time to get ready for work and I will take the garden catalogs with me to look at and plan.

Happy Gardening!!

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