We love the Square Foot Gardening style and have come up with a great Raised Garden that is easy to assemble and very sturdy.  It will not rot or rust, we currently have only white but other natural colors are available.  the standard size of 4' x 4' x 6" will allow you to grow basic vegetables and flowers. While the 4'x4'x11.5" will raise the garden so you won't have to bend over so far and will grow root vegetables. We can make them to suit your needs, from 1' x 8' x 6" to 4' x 8' x 17" or anywhere between.

I recommend that you keep them at 4 foot width as you don't want to step into the planting area and compact the soil.

Below are some pictures of what we have and you can order them by visiting our ordering page.

Here is simple 4'x4'x6" raised beds

Here are pictures of our 4'x4'x11.5" raised beds