We have been building outdoor furniture for over 2 years and the quality is 1st class.  All of our furniture is designed to be outdoors, used and loved as they should be.  The wood is Western Red Cedar and all pieces are made out of 5/4 stock, that gives us a finished 1" thick planks that are used to build the furniture.

This species of Cedar has magical properties. It is lightweight, and has an incredible thermal co-efficient, which means even on hot days, it is cool to sit in. The bacteria and fungal resistance of the wood ensures long life. Most importantly, it is 80% the strength of Oak, and is the most desirable wood for outdoor furniture.

Below are pictures of the furniture that we have along with descriptions of each.
Here are the sizes, Regular has a 20" seat, Big Boy has a 23" seat and the Love Seat is 44".

Adirondack Chair
Our Top-Selling Conventional Adirondack Chair
The most comfortable wooden chair ever invented! Styles available are Regular, Big Boy and Love Seat.

Adirondack Glider
Glide your day away
"Glide your day away" in the Adirondack Glider Chair! Some say, "the most comfortable version of any Adirondack style chair." Styles available are Regular, Big Boy and Love Seat.

Place your feet or anything else on it. Styles available are Regular, Big Boy and Love Seat.

Fancy Table
The Fancy Table matches the Adirondack Chair. Notice the curved top supports. The table top is oversized. Great if used between 2 Adirondack chairs to hold drinks, books and other things need to relax.

Round Table 36"
The Round Trestle Table is ideal for snacks or barbeque dinners. It matches the Adirondack Chairs and is 20" high.

Garden Chair
A great chair to have, easy to get into and out of, buy a set of 4 with a Garden Table and you will be set for the outdoor parties.

Garden Table
A complimentary piece of furniture for the Garden Chair, buy 4 chairs and this table and your will be set for those outdoor card games.

Garden Chair set
4 Garden Chairs and Table set.