Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New and Improved

As time goes by, I have been working on this web site and have found that I am enjoying this.  But my real enjoyment is working in the shop or helping my father perfect is gardens. for some silly reason it is very relaxing and a break from my hectic work schedule is needed.

Many times I want to make a cabinet, jewelry box, something cool for my Grand Daughter, or just mess around in the shop. When I can't go to the shop I enjoy sitting in my Adirondack chair in front of my house, enjoying the great AZ weather and just relax.

Gardening is great, I grew up on a farm and love growing things, from grass, (which does not like my yard) to cattle. Making things from scratch is also one of my favorite things, I find I would rather design, build, modify and make one item, then off to another project.  But in order to get this business off and going I need to step up and get the brain working and market the great products that we make.  Everything is made by hand and to order, nothing is made out of this country, so I am PROUD to say that the furniture and garden kits are "MADE IN THE USA".

Take a look at the items, I know, I need to post pictures and descriptions for the items, but at least I am working on it. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Furniture and Gardens

Many people are sitting in their nice warm homes at this time of year thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas, drinking their favorite warm beverage and maybe a cookie or two.

But for us here at Allred's Outback & More, we are thinking of ways to make your spring time a more enjoyable time, with comfortable outdoor furniture, raised gardens with flowers, tomatoes, peas, carrots, radishes, beets, strawberries and other items that you love, growing in a weed-free environment, raised higher to relieve your aching back when you garden.  Just think about it, needing to only bend over slightly to pluck a carrot from the ground, to be able to see the tomatoes at eye level and pick the reddest, ripest, fresh tomato that you have ever eaten.

Garden furniture that is so comfortable that you won't want to leave it to pick your ripe tomato. Tables and gliders so inviting that your friends and family will stay longer when they visit you.  That old Adirondack style of furniture that is very American and loved by millions could be yours, on your porch, lawn or garden, giving it style and pizazz.

We have it all, Raised Gardens and Great Furniture, see our lists and order right away.


We have been building outdoor furniture for over 2 years and the quality is first-class.  All of our furniture is designed to be outdoors, used and loved as they should be.  The wood we create with is Western Red Cedar and all pieces are made out of 5/4 stock, that gives us finished 1" thick planks that are used to build our unique furniture.