About us

Allred's Outback & More, LLC

We are located in Mesa, Arizona growing up on a farm and ranches we know what hard work and quality is.

As a father and son company, we take pride in delivering the best product to your home for your own pleasure.  Gardening is one of the best ways to releive stress, we have been gardening for years, just at the 100+ acre size of gardens.  This new Raised Garden that we have is simple to setup and maintain. the Furniture that we build is durable and can last for decades. We are Arizona natives and plan to stay that way, your families have been raised in Arizona, the wild west as the New England area people call us, to love the heat of the summers and the mild winters.  The furniture we build has withstood 120 degree summers and 20 degree winters, (we do get a few days of winter), the raised garden is very easy to garden in as it is raised above the desert sands and thus giving a good base for growing your long lost vegetables year round.